image1 Christian (David Cottingham) returns home after a long business trip to discover his fiancée, Cindy (Susan Andrews), is leaving him. She has discovered his "little black book" filled with all the names and numbers of the women he has been seeing while out of town on business. It's explicit and graphic, filled with all the details of his numerous affairs. After Cindy walks out of his life he has to deal with the reality that his sexual transgressions are much more than just one night stands. He has a real problem that he must overcome if he ever hopes to get Cindy back.

Diagnosed as a sex addict, Christian begins a long journey to make amends to all the women he has hurt. He soon discovers that it won't be as easy as saying, "I'm sorry." He must fight his needs, desires, friends and even the visions his own mind creates to help him cope with the situation. While they all try to help, they also push him closer toward self destruction.

Christian must walk a fine line to regain control over his life and get back the one woman he truly loves.
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twenty one