Kyle and his wife Cindy are having trouble in their marriage. Cindy walked out and hasn't been home in days. Kyle is struggling to deal with his collapsing marriage but makes one final attempt to connect with Cindy and save what might be left of it.

Kyle receives a mysterious phone call and discovers a truth he wish never existed and one he doesn't think he can overcome.

A SECOND MORE is a story about love, self doubt and betrayal. The film stars Mike Fitch as Kyle. It was written by David Cottingham and Russell Johnson and directed by Jared Smith. Jared has worked on several Twenty One projects including, THE MIDNIGHT, FOREVER THERE and IN PASSING, where he had served as an assistant director and co-producer but this would be his first time as director.

The film also stars John Jabroski as Detective Mills and Cindy J. Aubrey as Kyle's wife Cindy.
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