It's been a long time coming and this is our very first film. Shot back in 2001 it was a time when Twenty One was nothing but a skeleton crew. We did it all from lighting to camera operators. Since this was our very first film we thought we should go back and look at it with the experience and perspective of the last few years and several other movies behind us. We've gained so much in that time from experience and technology that we wanted to put that knowledge back into the movie that began it all.

The story is a very personal one and we thought it deserves a better presentation than the first version we released. At the time of it's release we were just happy to get it out. But there were several things we needed to change.

One of the most dramatic differences the movie will have is the total running time. We felt that since the movie was so heavy and dramatic that it needed to be cut down. Also, we wanted to utilize some technology and people that we did not have available to us at the time. Such as color correction, sound mix, titling and more.

We are positive that this final version will be more representative of what we had originally intended for audiences to see and experience.

We hope you enjoy it!

Russell Johnson - writer/director
David Cottingham - producer