What would you do? What would you say? If the person you loved most were at the end of their life?

These are not easy questions, but ones that CLOSURE centers around. "Sean" (Patrick Drury) and "Jill" (Susi Gilliland) are a young couple celebrating their 5th wedding anniversary. The subject of conversation turns to the marital vow, "until death do us part" and it's one Sean would rather not discuss. This sets off a visual interpatation of Sean's worst nightmare.

Jill now fights for her life against cancer and Sean struggles just to hold his mind and emotions in check. This may be the final day for Jill's mother (Sandra O'Conner), her sister, "Kathy" (Mona Reffitt) and her best friend, "Stacey" (Jessica Schroen) to tell her what's in their heart. Can they do that and not lose hope for Jill to beat cancer? Or not say anything and regret it for the rest of their lives.

CLOSURE is based on the true story of writer/director Russell Johnson's loss of a loved one to cancer. The movie also marks the first film for TWENTY ONE PRODUCTIONS.