Every year a movie comes along that is guaranteed to be the biggest blockbuster of the year. People stand in long lines for tickets, the local news covers the madness and millions of dollars are generated at cinemas across America. Four friends, Lee, Sydney, Damon and Jenna, get together to go see the year’s biggest blockbuster 'American Dreamers'.

Lee is in love with Sydney. The trouble is, Sydney has no idea about Lee’s feelings for her. Everyone can see it and even try to convince Lee that his pursuit is futile. But Lee learns some information that will force him to put it all on the line or lose his chance at Sydney forever. All he needs is the perfect time which, as the night progresses, seems more unlikely to come. Damon, Lee's best friend, has convinced his girlfriend, Jenna, to go to the movie and then spend the rest of the night alone with him celebrating a special anniversary. Jenna agrees but she is quickly getting tired of Damon’s lack of understanding of what that anniversary means to their relationship.

Will Lee get his chance to tell Sydney how he feels? How will Sydney react? Will Damon ever understand Jenna's needs? And can he stand back as Lee lets the truth be known to Sydney? All this and more is surrounded by the movie premiere everyone wants to go to, as well as, the lives of several other characters. The Midnight covers all the different stories and relationships that evolve and dissolve over the course of one evening. Funny, honest and heartfelt, The Midnight is a story in which everyone can relate.

twenty one